Professional Team Launch

I am excited to introduce you to a unique opportunity to engage, inspire, and motivate your team with our upcoming book, "In Search of You."

Designed to de-stigmatize mental health, bring awareness to evidence-based practices, and promote self-discovery and learning, this book offers valuable insights for personal and professional growth.

As an esteemed group practice owner, we invite you to join our exclusive private event tailored to your organization.

What You'll Get:

  • An advanced reader copy of the book in PDF sent directly to your email
  • Exclusive Professional Team Swag just for you!
  • Exclusive offers only available to our fabulous launch team!
  • All the promo material you need to make a huge impact
  • My undying gratitude!!

What You'll Do:

  • Employees: Buy a book for each of your employees
  • Subscribers: Share our book's launch announcement with your email subscribers.
  • Clients: Promote In Search of You to clients in your practice, connecting them with a book that can inspire and benefit them.
  • Display: Keep a copy of In Search of You on display in your lobby and in your Telehealth background
  • Inventory: For every book you buy, we'll send you a signed book that you can give to clients, display in your waiting areas, or keep for yourself!

Information will follow about your participation in our Professional Team once you complete this registration form!