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Our Social Team is a dedicated group of book enthusiasts who leverage their online presence to spread the word about our book's release.

As a member, you'll play a pivotal role in reaching your email list, promoting to clients in your practice, and engaging your network in our author's journey.

What You'll Get:

  • An advanced reader copy of the book in PDF sent directly to your email
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What You'll Do:

  • Subscribers: Share our book's launch announcement with your email subscribers.
  • Clients: Promote In Search of You to clients , connecting them with a book that can inspire and benefit them.
  • Followers: Talk about the book on TikTok, Stories, Reels, and other social platforms.
  • Giveaways: Be a hero among your followers. We'll send you swag to give away to grow your following AND drive traffic to the book.
  • Challenges: Join our book-related challenges and contests to win exciting prizes and be an influential advocate.

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