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Does your team know how to problem-solve like a boss? 

On June 8th at 3pm EST, I’m hosting a very special one-time-only “Fix” Your Team Bootcamp event just for your admin staff! I’ll teach them how to problem-solve like a boss — just like their boss, actually!


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The Forecast

May 6, 12pm EST | Foundational Level of ORDER

The ORDER level in your practice is equivalent to Maslow's level of Love & Belonging. It is the creation of efficiency for your business. You must ensure processes are systemized, that people are matched best to their talents, that they're empowered to solve problems, have a framework for doing so, and that the practice doesn't go under if and when someone is absent for an extended period of time. 

June 17, 12pm EST | Treatment Plan for your Biz

We can diagnose our practice accurately all day, but if we don't follow through with our interventions, then what's the point? You can treat your practice just like you treat your patients... and you should. When you apply a treatment plan you increase the likelihood that the identified problem will be corrected. All identified issues should have a treatment plan attached, and in this webinar, I'll show you how. 

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Ready to start treating your business like a patient? My upcoming book, Fix This Next for Healthcare Providers shows you how to do just that! You don't need an MBA, you just need the skills you already have as a healthcare provider.

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