Two Truths and an (Entrepreneurial) Lie

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Business owners don't have to do everything in their business to find success. They just need to implement strong systems that can do the work for them. This creates freedom because the business owner knows that the business can function without them. Kasey Compton is a business systems coach who can help any business owner systemize their business and find entrepreneurial freedom.

Let's play a game.

Take a look at these three sentences:

  1.   In business, systems predict success.
  2.   As an entrepreneur, you must do everything in your business for it to succeed.
  3.   Fear can be a catalyst for entrepreneurial freedom.

Two of those sentences are truth-bombs. One is a lie. Can you guess which is which?

         If you hesitated, no biggie. Most entrepreneurs wouldn’t dilly-dally to point fingers when looking at three commonly accepted rules of business. We've all been told from the time we were kids that it's possible to do it all and have it all, if we sacrifice it all. We should want that for ourselves. Well, not the sacrificing part. We know that having a system for everything makes our life easier and more efficient. We know that if we want anything done right, we have to do it ourselves. We know fear can change things in ourselves.

         So, what's the lie? Still not sure?

The lie is statement number two, As an entrepreneur, you must do everything in your business for it to succeed.

         It sounds normal. It sounds aspirational. It might have even offended you a little when I said it was a lie. In reality, this is one of the most insidious lies that entrepreneurs buy into in hopes to move one step closer toward success. But the problem here is the closer they get to “it”, the more we change our definition of success, therefore moving “it” further and further in the future. Making it impossible to achieve. Living as though you can and should do it everything does nothing but steal your freedom faster than greased lightning.

         It's become such a thing that I gave it a name. It's the Quagmire Complex™. Entrepreneurs believe that unless they are directly involved with every minute (not minute, mi-noot) detail, their business will collapse. They become stuck in an endless cycle of doing, giving everything to their business to ensure survival, only to end each day feeling burnt out, frustrated, and trapped. Worst of all, these folks never experience any relief. The more they give their business, the more it needs, and it's a never-ending cycle of ludicrousness. They end up sacrificing their marriage, their family, their finances, and their mental and physical health to something that can never reciprocate their devotion.

         In private consultations, group coaching sessions, podcasts interviews, and webinars, I'm often asked How. How is it possible to step away from your business without it crumbling around you? How is it possible to feel secure in one business that you can turn around and start something new? How to fight self-doubt and fear so that freedom can be achieved?

People ask this because they actually believe the entrepreneurial lie. You know, the one that says if you only work hard enough, for long enough, and sacrifice enough, you will achieve freedom. The one that says you have to do it all yourself? They are stuck in the Quagmire Complex™, and they don't even realize it. The secret of my success is, in fact, the opposite.

         Through my own experiences in the business realm and those I have coached, I've discovered that the only way to achieve entrepreneurial freedom is with systems and a team that can do the work for you so that it’s not done by you.

         I told you earlier that systems equal success, and that is one hundred percent the truth. Systems allow business owners to create an ideal outcome by controlling the process rather than the people (who can be highly unpredictable).

         When a process is documented from start to finish and accountability is built-in to ensure the steps are carried out the same way each time, they save time, create ease, and increase quality. When owners teach that process to an employee and empower them to take ownership, they essentially duplicate themselves. If they teach them well, that employee becomes someone who can do that task and the owner every time as long as they follow the system.

         It really is that simple, but sometimes entrepreneurs overcomplicate things. Usually, when an entrepreneur embarks their journey—unless they have tremendous cha-ching already at their disposal—they are required to be a jack/jill/jackie of all trades. They have more time than they have money, and it's easy to decide to "work for free" in their business. This is known as the Currency Correlation™, which I'll talk more about another time.

         Entrepreneurs do this until they reach a crossroads. At that point, they should give away a task in the business so it can continue to grow, and the owner can graduate to more important things. As the business cycles through its evolution, the owner should relinquish more and more control, working themselves out of the day-to-day operations and into an entrepreneur's true role. But so many entrepreneurs cling to doing. They pretend busy is better and cripple their business's growth.

         No wonder these entrepreneurs are burnt out, frustrated, and daydreaming of selling their business to the first chump they see on the side of the road. There is a better way. Entrepreneurs can take their lives back. They can push past fear and achieve goals they never thought possible: entrepreneurial freedom. They can lean into the power of systems and create a business that runs for them, not by them.

         How? The Systemizer Method™. Align your mindset to your business's goal and  determine the role you want to play in your business. Next, cast the vision and empower your team to think like you do, with the goal of profitability at the forefront. After introspection, the reader moves outward, to more of a tangible, action-oriented, result-driven game plan.

         The only way to find lasting freedom and confidence as an entrepreneur is to teach a team to think in a way that mirrors the owner, like a Systemizer.

         In Systemizer School I demonstrate how to identify any system's key features, streamline it until the system is lean and ready to scale, and automate to reduce human error and inefficiencies. I also reveal how to train a team of willing System Operators and shape them into Systemizers who are empowered to solve problems and make decisions just like the business owner would.

         There is a better way, and this is it.


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