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Are you in search of a dynamic speaker who brings a blend of business acumen, entrepreneurial spirit, and a dash of humor to your event, conference, podcast, or webinar? Look no further than Kasey Compton, the author, entrepreneur, and engaging speaker extraordinaire.

Kasey Compton is a multi-talented author, entrepreneur, and a lively speaker. With her impressive background in business and entrepreneurship, Kasey has founded a dozen successful businesses that are still thriving today, including a mental health group practice, a business consulting firm, a real estate venture, and most recently, a restaurant. What truly sets Kasey apart, however, are her incredible stories. She has a unique knack for extracting valuable takeaways from life and business experiences, leaving her audience with memorable and actionable insights.

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Be A Systemizer

Imagine a business that thrives and prospers even when you're not at the helm. It's not just possible; it's the way your business should operate. In this enlightening keynote presentation, Kasey gives her proven three-step process to systemize your entire business so that you can gain entrepreneurial freedom. When you understand the secrets of identifying what's in your kitchen, streamlining your processes, and applying automation, your business will run like clockwork!

Your Business Is Like A Patient

Healthcare professionals have been trained to assess, diagnose, and treat patients to help them reach their wellness goals. It just so happens that those are the same skills needed to operate a successful business. In this presentation, based on her book Fix This Next for Healthcare Providers, Kasey shows how the Healthcare Hierarchy of Needs (HHN) can act as your guide to treating your practice... just like you would treat a patient!

How To Find Joy When Doing More Doesn't Do It Anymore

In a world that often celebrates relentless hustle and overachievement, the pursuit of true joy can sometimes get lost in the chaos of our daily lives. This inspirational keynote invites you to explore a transformative journey - one that reveals the path to genuine happiness even when conventional success falls short. Based on her new book In Search of You, Kasey describes the path to reconnecting with your inner child and finding your lost joy.

The Three C's of Group Practice

Is your practice struggling when you know you have everything you need to thrive? Have you ever considered that the something missing is actually¬†balance? In this presentation, Kasey talks about how the three cornerstones of your practice ‚ÄĒ the company, the clinicians, and the clients ‚ÄĒ must be in alignment and in balance in order to move the needle forward in an ethical, sustainable way.

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Kasey loves to chitty chatty about business, systems and scaling, and how to beat back the trolls in your head to find your entrepreneurial confidence.

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Did we mention that Kasey LOVES to chitty chatty about business?! Her favorite webinars feature wise words, helpful how-tos, and ass-kickin' action steps.

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Kasey has spoken at a number of conferences and events. She loves to travel, meet new people, and share her hard-won business wisdom with other entrepreneurs.

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