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Get In Search of You!
Get In Search of You!

In Search of You was born at one of the lowest points of my life. From it, came something beautiful, honest, and so needed. 

Once upon a time, I was so focused on doing MORE, that I forgot who I was. 

It caused emptiness.

Lack of fulfillment.

And a lack of joy.

I asked myself questions like these, and I bet you have done the same.

Now, after my journey toward fulfillment, I am still an entrepreneur, still hard-working, ... but full of JOY.


 So many women spend their lives sacrificing for others, that they forget to nurture and love themselves. 


And when this happens, we become lost. So, when DOING more, isn't doing it ANYMORE, what do you do?


For starters, you could read my book which launches March 12, 2024!

Forget everything you think you know about success and self-care, and learn how to really love yourself with this revolutionary guide from an acclaimed therapist who gets it.

Many modern women experience a frustrating phenomenon: No matter how much we accomplish, the feeling of satisfaction we anticipated never actually comes. Raised in a society of gender-influenced expectations‚ÄĒbe an amazing mom, be an extraordinary partner, be an incredible executive and execute on all these roles flawlessly‚ÄĒwomen have lost the one thing that can ever truly fulfill us: self-love.

Backed by clinical research, professional case studies, and Kasey’s expertise, this guide will help you:

>Unpack why your outward achievements don’t soothe inner emptiness

>Embrace genuine self-love with intentionality

>Reconnect with your inner child, a source of hope and joy

>Stop running from your past trauma‚ÄĒand start to heal

>Tap into your deepest desires without fear

>Establish healthy boundaries and develop positive habits

>Set yourself free from unhelpful expectations

>Actively create meaning in your life

In Search of You will help you embark on a path toward authentic, lasting fulfillment‚ÄĒand more joy than you thought possible.

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Laura says...

"I'm going to need you to stop reading my diary and posting it, thanks."


"I am SCREAMING. This is LITERALLY what my therapist said to me!"

Susan says...

"I think this is something that a lot of people can relate to; I certainly can. The idea of being human 'beings' not human 'doings' has always resonated with me--and you talk about this. In our struggle to 'be' enough, we try to 'do' enough... but, like you said, that's not where the answers are."

Katy says...

"So brave. So raw and real. I think many of us who are successful have these feelings and think we are alone. Like we are somehow a fraud and we are waiting for everyone to see how we are failing."


Miranda says...

"I found myself reading a lot of the book to myself in her southern accent."


Adayla says...

"Like Glennon Doyle and Rachel Hollis, Kasey’s style is highly emotional and relatable. It is chock full of strong visuals with a touch of southern charm."


Monica says...

"I would describe the author as genuine and insightful and I would say that her approach and style is so relatable."

Five Steps to Find Yourself Again

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