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Your business should run without you. Business owners can and should find freedom through business systems to become replaceable at work. They should allow their team to learn every facet of their position so they can work independently and problem-solve and make decisions just like the business owner would.

People get really nervous when I tell them I want to be replaceable.

It seems like everyone hears that Beyoncé song in their heads (to the left, to the left) and things I've lost some of my marbles.

Hear me out, reader. You know I'm going somewhere.

I want to be replaceable in my business.

Everyone thinks they want to be a beautiful and unique snowflake — and they are, you are! There's no one else like you and that's wonderful.

But it becomes significantly less fun when you realize that you can never go on vacation because your business will crumble without your constant supervision. Irreplaceability becomes a burden when you get bombarded by emails, calls, and texts when you dare to step outside the building for your lunch break. Being the only one who knows how to do anything becomes a serious problem if you get sick or have to pick up your kids from school or sleep.

I don't know about you, reader, but I can't live like that!

 So I've decided to be completely replaceable. Want to know how I did it?

System for Replacing Yourself

  1. Take inventory on your role in the business
    1. What tasks do you execute?
    2. For what outcomes are you responsible for?
    3. What processes are you involved in? 
    4. What requires your stamp of approval?
  2. Design a plan to be replaced
    1. What is the role you'd like to have?
    2. In what areas would you like to be replaced? 
    3. Who/what will be the replacement? 
  3. Systemize
    1. Systemize everything!
    2. Offload all that you are no longer involved in.
    3. Watch from the sidelines. 
    4. Offer assistance on operating procedures and processes until you are satisfied with the results and feel confident that you have replaced yourself.
  4. Apply pressure
    1. Watch from the sidelines and don’t insert yourself. 
    2. Encourage your team to problem-solve independently.
    3. Write down feedback through the process and give it to your team. 
    4. Maintain your distance.

 Be replaceable. Find freedom.

You can do it!

Next Steps

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