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With everything that went down in 2020, more people are faced with the whole work/life balance issue than ever before. But this time, there was much more at stake. We went from the hustle and grind workday to juggling virtual school with making sure our own sales goals and deadlines were met.

The “weak links” in our lives (and our businesses) became so much more apparent when the pressure of something like a global pandemic was applied.

We’re starting to come out of it now and getting back to normal, but who knows how long that will last? I saw so many businesses that didn’t survive 2020 and others only made it by the skin of their teeth. And they’re still wondering how they’re going to make ends meet. This kind of disruption caused what was already within us to surface. And that is FEAR.

Now entrepreneurs can’t help but think that next big “thing” that happens could ruin them, and they need to be ready.

I’m not sure what you've heard about me, if anything, but I’ve spent half of my adult life as a licensed mental health counselor and the other half as an entrepreneur.

In 2020 what I suspected to be true all along, was proven right: The only way for entrepreneurs to protect themselves, their families, their businesses, and their employees in the face of uncertainty, is by implementing relationally-driven systems.

Every entrepreneur wants a business that runs FOR them not BY them. But, it turns out, the thing that gets in the way, is different than we think. It’s actually themselves and their fear.

This fear-induced illusion of control keeps so many of them stuck and stagnant. And because their fear of failure holds them back, the only way they’ll ever really achieve that sought-after work/life balance and freedom is pushing past fear to establish SYSTEMS.

Systems give you the ability to be in multiple places at once.

When you develop a system that ensures a task is completed exactly as you want it to be done, you can replicate yourself by teaching that system to someone else. Then, you are FREE to do something else. If you do this with enough tasks, you free yourself up entirely.

What would you do with all that freedom? Go on a four-week vacation, start a brand new business, or think about how you could make your existing business larger or more profitable? There is no limit to how much you can do if you employ systems to sustain the weight of your ambition.

I get a lot of pushback on this because systems aren’t fun or sexy or because people think it’s cold to invest in systems rather than people. But to that, I say this:

1. Systems may not be sexy, but a four-week vacation is.

2. I don’t advocate systems over people, but rather systems FOR people. Relationally-driven systems. Systems that we create for people - to make their lives and jobs easier, to help them do necessary tasks quickly, to help them meet deadlines, feel less stress, and be more productive.

Looking back, the times when I was most afraid and most tried to control every piece of my business, those were the times I was actually the LEAST in control and the most trapped.

I thought controlling everything would give me peace of mind. I thought if I just micromanaged harder I could make everything perfect and successful. But I just burned myself out, made my team insecure (because I went behind them and did their jobs), and generally held up progress. Now that I’ve systemized, I’ll never go back.

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