15: Grieving Your Past Self

Grief is a complex emotion. This conversation explores the many layers of grief and how it extends beyond the typical understanding of mourning a death. There's actually so much more to it than that.


Kasey and Kelsey share their personal experiences of grieving different aspects of their lives, such as past versions of themselves and relationships that didn't work out. They also touch on the importance of self-love, boundaries, and self-awareness in the process of grieving and finding one's true identity. Listen now and learn why embracing grief should be part of your own journey towards self-discovery and joy!



Key Topics:

  •  (01:05) Grief beyond the topic of death
  •  (05:45) Reflecting on the past and grieving missed opportunities
  •  (12:20) Kelsey questions the value of past friendships
  •  (13:00) Self-love, boundaries, and self-awareness
  •  (18:50) Overcoming shame and guilt
  •  (23:40) Kasey’s struggle to reach out for support and the fear of inconveniencing others
  •  (27:55) Embracing grief over personal evolution


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