16: Letting Go of Mom Guilt

Guilt is a common emotion that many people experience, particularly moms. In this conversation, Kasey and Kelsey tackle guilt head-on! They discuss the different types of guilt that mothers experience, such as guilt related to work, finances, and time with their kids. They also discuss the societal expectations placed on mothers, as well as the shame that can come from family members, friends, and even other moms.  


Learn why prioritizing yourself is not a bad thing, and how asking for help should be considered a sign of strength, not weakness. If you’re a mom struggling with guilt, you're not alone! Tune in as the ladies share their own experiences of guilt and offer practical advice for overcoming it.



Key Topics:

  •  (01:45) Feeling guilty for prioritizing yourself
  •  (02:55) Financial guilt vs time guilt
  •  (06:40) Guilt related to success and being mocked or shamed
  •  (10:25) Why asking for help is so important
  •  (18:35) Protecting your children from guilt and shame
  •  (19:20) Being mindful of the guilt we put on others


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