26: Aliens, Chupacabras, and Mom Guilt

In this interesting conversation, Kasey and Kelsey discuss a range of topics including a chupacabra in Wisconsin, experiencing mom guilt, and the importance of pursuing hobbies and self-care. They reflect on the guilt that many moms feel when doing things they love, and the pressure to justify their time and energy. 


Hear the besties' thoughts on pursuing activities that bring you happiness, such as a creative hobby. Taking time for yourself not only benefits your mental health but also allows you to show up as the best version of yourself for others. By taking small steps towards pursuing joy while also being mindful of our intentions, we can cultivate a sense of joy that permeates every aspect of our lives!



Key Topics:

  •  (01:05) Aliens and chupacabras
  •  (02:35) Mom guilt and justifying hobbies
  •  (05:50) Societal pressures and expectations for women
  •  (09:00) Do people still have hobbies?
  •  (13:15) Making decisions and taking action to improve well-being
  •  (16:50) Mindfulness about intentions behind social media posts


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