27: The Enneagram Explained with Whitney Owens, LPC

The Enneagram is a powerful tool that can help us understand our personality type and how we interact with the world. It consists of 9 different types, each with their own motivations, fears, and behaviors. Enneagram expert and licensed professional counselor, Whitney Owens, share her journey of discovering her Enneagram type and how it has transformed her understanding of herself and others. 


Whitney explains that the Enneagram is not about putting people in boxes but rather gaining insight into our own tendencies and moving towards healthier behaviors. This conversation explores the different Enneagram numbers and how they interact with each other in relationships, as well as provides insights into the Enneagram's stances and quadrants!


About Whitney Owens:

Whitney Owens is a licensed professional counselor, group practice owner, and faith-based private practice consultant. She is located in Savannah, Georgia, where she manages a private pay group practice with 10 plus clinicians. Along with running her practice, she consults practice owners around the country on how to start and grow a successful faith-based practice. She hosts summits, a weekly podcast, and a membership community for faith-based practice owners called Wise Practice. She has spoken at numerous events such as both the Georgia and Maryland annual professional counselors conferences as well as trainings for Florida’s Counseling Association. In 2023 she spoke at Meet you in Kentucky, which is for group practice owners, as well as hosting her own summit in Savannah. In her free time, Whitney enjoys spending time with her husband and two girls, running, reading, and relaxing in the backyard.





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Key Topics:

  •  [01:55] How Whitney became an Enneagram lover
  •  [04:15] How the Enneagram can help you understand yourself and others
  •  [07:04] Kelsey's Enneagram type
  •  [09:40] Balancing each other's strengths and weaknesses
  •  [15:20] Kasey's Enneagram type
  •  [18:50] Can you change your Enneagram type?
  •  [21:10] Advice for discovering Enneagram type and increasing self-awareness
  •  [23:35] Understanding how different types move towards or away from people


Connect with Kasey and Kelsey:

Website: kaseycompton.com/backporchbestie

Instagram: instagram.com/hikaseycompton

Facebook: facebook.com/hikaseycompton


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