28: Unpacking the Trauma and Mental Health Struggles of Pop Icon, Britney Spears

With the recent release of Britney Spears’ memoir, Kasey and Kelsey provide their thoughts on the trauma and mental health struggles of the 1990’s pop icon. They discuss the challenges she faced as a young girl in the spotlight, the invasive nature of the media, and the impact of her conservatorship. They also explain the impact of trauma bonds and the pressure put on young girls to be "good" in society. 


While some may not have been fans of Britney Spears, it's important to recognize the immense pressure she faced growing up in the public eye, and the lack of support she received during that time. Through this discussion, the besties shed light on the importance of understanding the complexities of mental health and the need for empathy and support for those who have experienced trauma. By sharing her experiences, Britney has opened up a dialogue about mental health and the treatment of women in the media, paving the way for greater understanding and change!



Key Topics:

  •  (02:45) Britney’s mental health and the lack of support she received
  •  (010:15) The impact of gaslighting on her mental health
  •  (12:25) Trauma bonds and the role of men in Britney’s life
  •  (16:15) Difficulty processing and dealing with trauma
  •  (21:20) The pressure of being good and needing to set boundaries
  •  (26:00) Don't discount yourself; learn and grow from experiences
  •  (27:20) Kasey’s upcoming book launch


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