29: From Swirlies to Social Media: Teaching Kids to Stand Up for Themselves

Ever wondered how your child would handle a bullying situation? Would they talk it out or fight back? Inspired by a TikTok video, Kasey and Kelsey discuss the topic of bullying and how to teach children to handle altercations. They reflect on their own childhood experiences with bullying and openly share how they would want their own children to handle certain situations. Hear their thoughts on self-defense, the importance of modeling healthy conflict as parents, and the evolving nature of bullying in today's society. Tune in as they ponder the best strategies for empowering their kids to stand up for themselves and find the balance between assertiveness and empathy! 



Key Topics:

  •  (01:35) The 3 T’s: Talk, Tell, and Take Action
  •  (05:10) Personal experiences with dealing with bullies
  •  (11:30) Thoughts on how to handle altercations
  •  (12:25) Bullying in today's world
  •  (15:30) Physical abuse vs emotional abuse
  •  (18:20) Modeling healthy conflict and reprogramming children's perceptions


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