38: The Danger of Accepting Breadcrumbs

Emily Hammons returns to take on the role as guest co-host. Together, she and Kelsey discuss various topics such as the concept of clones and how they reappear in our lives if we don't deal with past traumas, the idea of accepting breadcrumbs in relationships, and the transformative changes they have noticed in Kasey throughout the journey of writing In Search of You. Kelsey also shares her personal experience of how her relationship with Kasey evolved and the moments that made her realize there was something more. 


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About Emily Hammons:

Emily Hammons is a marketing and systems consultant with kc consulting.

Catch her on Instagram @emchammons



Key Topics:

  •  [01:25] Kelsey's favorite parts of the book, In Search of You
  •  [02:30] Accepting breadcrumbs in relationships and setting higher standards
  •  [05:20] The biggest change Kelsey noticed in Kasey during the writing process
  •  [10:00] Benefits of individual therapy and discussing therapy sessions with your partner
  •  [11:15] Kelsey's perspective on how her relationship with Kasey evolved
  •  [15:35] Love languages and their impact on relationships


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