39: Turning Pain Into Power: Unpacking Trauma, Attachments, and Resilience

Listen to one of the top downloaded episodes to date! Are you carrying around past trauma like a heavy backpack? Hit play and learn how to transform that pain into a powerful backbone! In this episode, Kasey and Kelsey unpack the concept of turning past trauma into strength, as mentioned by Scarlett Mulligan (episode 05 guest). The besties discuss the impact of attachment styles and how childhood experiences shape our behaviors, such as needing to continuously escape reality or the need to always know what is going on in order to feel a sense of protection. They also touch on the need for self-awareness, the role of hyper-vigilance, and the importance of predictability and trust. 


Episode 05: Overcoming Intergenerational Trauma To Create Secure Attachments with Scarlett Mulligan



Key Topics:

  •  (03:00) Fear of facing trauma and feeling more broken
  •  (05:10) The need for escape and searching for fulfillment
  •  (09:30) Hyper-vigilance and the need to protect oneself
  •  (13:10) The absence of a specific worry in the present
  •  (16:00) Disorganized attachment style on trust and predictability
  •  (17:30) Parenting and the influence of mood on discipline


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