41: Differences Between a Therapist & Psychoanalyst with Diana Gasperoni, LCSW-R

Therapy isn’t just for the crisis moments. Diana Gasperoni, the founder of Be.WELL. Psychotherapy and Wellbeing, believes in the power of long-term treatment and continued growth. She has patients she's worked with for over 20 years, supporting them through various life transitions! In this conversation, Diana provides insights into the world of psychotherapy and the importance of long-term treatment. Learn the differences between a therapist and psychoanalyst, the benefits of lying down during therapy sessions, as well as dream analysis and its role in therapy. 


About Diana Gasperoni:

Diana Gasperoni is the founder of Be.WELL. Psychotherapy and Wellbeing, host of the BeREAL Podcast and creator of BeHER Teen Program. Diana’s mission is to provide a full spectrum of mental health wellness to as many souls as possible through direct service and content. She believes in an integrative approach to mental health and wellbeing. 



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Key Topics:

  •  [03:45] The long-term nature of psychoanalysis and the benefits of continuity
  •  [05:40] Walking through someone's life as an analyst
  •  [07:40] The unique experience of lying down on the couch in psychoanalysis
  •  [08:50] Observing shifts in self-awareness and behavior during sessions
  •  [11:00] Benefits of continuing therapy even when you’re doing well
  •  [13:30] Dream analysis and its role in therapy
  •  [16:35] Having the freedom to express anger 
  •  [23:15] The value of therapy for writers and stimulating new thoughts
  •  [25:10] Benefits and challenges of different therapy approaches
  •  [28:00] The idea of repetition compulsion in long-term treatment


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