46: Embracing Your Authentic Voice with Berit Elizabeth, MA

Ever struggled with having hard conversations? Did you know that our body language, posture, and voice can impact how we feel and how others perceive us during difficult conversations? It’s true! Berit Elizabeth, Founder and CEO of Practice Axis, shares her journey as an entrepreneur and anti-shame activist, discussing her technique called Emotive Agility. She explains how this technique can help you navigate difficult conversations and express emotions effectively. Berit also shares her own personal experience of losing her voice after being diagnosed with ETP (eager to please) and NGE (not good enough), which led to her developing an awareness about how she communicates. If you're eager to improve your communication skills, build better relationships, and find confidence in your own authentic voice, this is the episode for you!


About Berit Elizabeth:

Berit is the CEO & Founder of Practice Axis, the first clinical CRM for mental health practices, and a self-proclaimed anti-shame activist. She originated Practice Axis by combining her extensive sales and leadership experience across fitness, finance and consulting industries with her long standing passion that mental health should be as prioritized as physical health. Practice Axis helps client care coordinators to “take the headache out of intake” with a Client Relationship Management software that gives practice owners the business insights they need to increase revenue while increasing access to care. 


Berit also developed the Emotive Agility Training technique at NYU and over the last 20 years has been teaching emotional intelligence skills for difficult conversations to people of all ages and abilities. She is also the creator of Speak Club, a public speaking club for women. An anti-shame activist, Berit constantly seeks new ways to identify and counteract shame-producing systems within religion and culture, and within herself.






Context on Emotive Agility 



Episode Time Stamps:

  •  (01:50) Berit's technique of Emotive Agility 
  •  (04:20) Tips for navigating difficult conversations
  •  (08:30) Conscious awareness of regulating emotions, voice, and body language
  •  (12:30) Berit’s personal experience with people-pleasing and lack of confidence in speaking; ETP (eager to please) and NGE (not good enough)
  •  (18:55) Embracing authenticity and being confident using your voice


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