48: Breaking Free from the Boxes: Unapologetic Authenticity with Dr. Emy Tafelski

In a world that constantly bombards us with messages about who we should be and how we should act, embracing unapologetic authenticity can be a transformative journey. According to Dr. Emy Tafelski, a licensed therapist turned transformational coach, authenticity is the magical elixir that can heal us and the world around us. 


In this episode, Dr. Tafelski shares her own journey of healing and self-discovery after the loss of her mother, which led her to question societal expectations and embrace her authentic self. She explains how she helps women break free from the boxes they've been forced into and guides them on a journey of unweaving the threads of trauma, cultural messaging, and family conditioning that have shaped their identities. She also discusses her spiritual practice and connecting with divine feminine energy. If you’re ready to live life on your own terms, hit play and learn how to unweave the threads that no longer serve you!


About Dr. Emy Tafelski:

Dr. Tafelski is a licensed therapist turned transformational coach who guides women done being who they’ve been told they should be and ready to stand in their unapologetic authenticity. She helps them break free from the chains holding them down so that they can rise, finally feeling good enough, and knowing who the f*ck they actually are. Her work stems directly from her own healing journey with unapologetic authenticity that began with countless mornings waking up despairing, with the thought, “this is going to be my life for the next 50 years”. It is her mission to help women break free from the boxes they’ve been forced into so they can live life as they truly are and experience freedom, joy, and confidence. She believes that authenticity is the magical elixir that can heal us and the world around us.



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Key Topics:

  •  (02:15) Dr. Tafelski's personal journey of healing
  •  (04:45) The Soul Guidance Practice;  a goddess-based spiritual practice
  •  (09:40) Helping women break free from societal boxes
  •  (13:10) Finding self-worth and external validation in a patriarchal society
  •  (17:40) The need for therapists to experience their own self-discovery


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