49: Finding Self-Care That Works For You with Traci W. Pirri, LCSW-S, EMDR Approved Consultant

Exercising, taking a bubble bath, relaxing on the couch…you’ve heard of the “typical” self-care routines. What about personalized self-care? Traci W. Pirri, owner of Hope for the Journey, discusses her thoughts on personalized self-care and the importance of finding activities that align with your own individual needs and personality type. Traci shares her personal journey of realizing her need for active forms of self-care, and how finding what worked best for her has positively impacted her life and relationships. She also highlights the prevalence of autoimmune disorders and chronic illness among caregivers and the need to address the impact of stress on the body.


About Traci W. Pirri:

Traci graduated with her Masters of Social Work in 2001, earned her LCSW in 2003, was EMDR Trained in 2018, and became an Approved Consultant in 2023. She owns Hope For The Journey, a group practice in Austin, Texas that specializes in sexual trauma recovery and uses EMDR as its main modality. She has advanced training in dissociation and Internal Family Systems, as well as many other modalities. She is an adoptive mother of 2, loves to travel, and can easily nerd out on a spreadsheet.






Key Topics:

  •  (03:55) Self-care for trauma therapists
  •  (05:30) Traci’s journey of realizing the need for more self-care
  •  (07:40) Prioritizing your own self-care; finding what works best for you
  •  (10:30) Enneagram 9 versus 3; differences in self-care preferences
  •  (16:50) Connection between lack of self-care and chronic illness
  •  (24:00) Embracing your self-care needs and having flexibility
  •  (25:30) Leaning into moments of joy; finding adult equivalents of childhood activities


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