53: Using the Right Tool to Fix the Problem: Holistic Trauma Healing with Ryan Pink (Part 1)

Ryan Pink, an entrepreneur and trauma expert, shares his personal journey of being diagnosed with acute and complex PTSD, which led him to explore various trauma healing modalities. He spent $300,000 and even tried 18 therapy sessions per week to find relief. His experience inspired him to help others reduce the barriers to healing from trauma. Ryan discusses the importance of finding the right tools and therapies for individual healing, as well as the role of natural healing mechanisms in the process. His goal is to empower individuals to take control of their own healing and provide accessible resources for trauma recovery.


About Ryan Pink:

As we all do, Ryan Pink experienced some hard things in his life, including childhood abuse, cancer, Traumatic Brain Injuries, PTSD, and briefly dabbled in being dead. And, he wouldn’t change a thing. Along the way, he’s started 6 businesses and sold 4, raised 6 children with the best mother on the planet (lucky!), and traveled to 85 countries. His life experience has born fruit in his work as Chief Hope Office for HopeGuide, a company devoted to helping people like you and I overcome trauma, grief, depression, and anxiety - the smart way. He hosts the How We Heal Podcast, and gives keynote speeches on Healing and Resilience. 







Key Topics:

  •  (02:10) Ryan’s journey of overcoming trauma
  •  (04:10) Seeking accessible healing
  •  (06:00) Finding relief sooner rather than later
  •  (08:45) Tailoring trauma therapy to individual needs
  •  (10:00) Hope Guide; personalized trauma healing through holistic approaches
  •  (13:55) The mechanisms for healing
  •  (15:20) Looking back on the history of trauma healing
  •  (16:40) How We Heal



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