54: The Gift of Dissociation with Ryan Pink (Part 2)

The besties continue to chat with Ryan Pink about the journey through trauma and healing. They discuss the connection between our physiology and our mythology (thoughts and beliefs), and give their thoughts on addressing trauma from a physiological perspective, starting with the nervous system and then moving to the mind. They also touch on the topic of dissociation and its role in trauma and entrepreneurship. Ryan shares his personal experience with dissociation - although often viewed as a negative symptom, it’s a remarkable gift that allows us to protect ourselves from overwhelming pain.


About Ryan Pink:

As we all do, Ryan Pink experienced some hard things in his life, including childhood abuse, cancer, Traumatic Brain Injuries, PTSD, and briefly dabbled in being dead. And, he wouldn’t change a thing. Along the way, he’s started 6 businesses and sold 4, raised 6 children with the best mother on the planet (lucky!), and traveled to 85 countries. His life experience has borne fruit in his work as Chief Hope Officer for HopeGuide, a company devoted to helping people like you and I overcome trauma, grief, depression, and anxiety - the smart way. He hosts the How We Heal Podcast, and gives keynote speeches on Healing and Resilience. 







Key Topics:

  • (00:50) Addressing trauma: physiology before mythology
  • (02:30) The effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • (04:45) Challenges in treating extreme dissociation
  • (06:45) Ryan’s experience with dissociation
  • (10:30) The link between trauma and entrepreneurship
  • (11:40) Kasey’s journey of self discovery and overcoming expectations
  • (14:10) How dissociation can be viewed as a hidden gift



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