56: Is Perfectionism a Trauma Response? with Dr. Tara Sanderson, PsyD, MBA

Are perfectionists born or made? According to Dr. Tara Sanderson, perfectionism can stem from a fear response, often triggered by past experiences. In this episode, Dr. Tara shares her personal journey and how she has learned to embrace fluidity and authenticity. She also talks about the revised edition of her book, "Too Much, Not Enough," which discusses ways to  decrease anxiety and perfectionism by really being mindful about how we live. Tune in for insights into recognizing unhealthy perfectionistic tendencies and finding freedom in decision-making!


About Dr. Tara Sanderson:

Dr. Tara Sanderson, PsyD, MBA is a Cis/Het/White/Female with she/her pronouns. She holds the titles of Licensed Psychologist and Supervisor, Author and Entrepreneur. Her book “Too Much, Not Enough: A Guide to Decreasing Anxiety and Creating Balance Through Intentional Choices has been an learning and growing opportunity to understand her own journey with perfectionism and rigidity. Her identities of Professional Overachiever, Perfectionist and Reluctant Participant in Over-Control Tendencies have exposed her to the beauty of self-care, asking for support and deepening one's understanding of themselves. 






Key Topics:

  •  (02:20) Redefining perfectionism through intentional living and self-discovery
  •  (04:10) Do perfectionists like to dance?
  •  (07:10) Dysfunctional family dynamics and obsessive perfectionism
  •  (09:05) Perfectionism as a response to fear and trauma 
  •  (12:50) How to know when perfectionistic tendencies are unhealthy?
  •  (16:30) Being rigid with decision-making
  •  (22:45) Overcoming perfectionism and being in control
  •  (23:40) Confronting decision fatigue; embracing change



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