58: Balancing Motherhood and Business Ownership with Amy Dover, LMFT

In the journey of entrepreneurship, often unexpected paths lead to transformation and growth. Amy Dover, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, embarked on her solo practice journey with intentions different from the eventual reality. Despite initially planning to operate as a solo practitioner, the rapid increase of clients meant an expansion into a group practice. This transition left her in a balancing act of managing work demands while also being present as a mom. In this episode, Amy shares her journey, struggles, and wins in building a successful practice in Alabama. Tune in and learn how faith, values, and community support helped shape her path along the way!


About Amy Dover:

Amy is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, group practice owner, and faith-based private practice consultant. She is located in Enterprise, AL where she manages an insurance-based group practice with 15 clinicians and 2 administrators. Amy is passionate in her desire to support faith-based practice owners, focusing on empowering fellow female entrepreneurs to leverage their leadership skills and God-given talents to impact their team and community. She is driven by a vision to help female faith-based practice owners create thriving practices that not only succeed in business terms but also provide a meaningful service aligned with their values and beliefs. In her free time, Amy enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons, reading, sitting by the pool, and attempting to learn the game of golf. 






Instagram: @dovercounseling



Key Topics:

  •  (02:10) Amy’s journey to becoming a ground practice owner
  •  (04:30) Balancing motherhood and career challenges
  •  (08:20) Letting go of guilt; having honest conversations with your kids
  •  (12:10) Challenges and rewards of female entrepreneurship
  •  (15:10) Managing mom guilt and finding support



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