59: Combating Toxic Relationship Behaviors

Listen to one of the top downloaded episodes to date! Have you ever experienced love bombing or guilt tripping in a relationship? Both behaviors can create blurred lines between red flags and genuine mistakes in relationships. In this episode, Kasey reflects on how love bombing was her way of receiving validation and reassurance as a child. Kelsey shares her personal experience of how someone guilt tripping her would make her more likely to forgive them, even if their actions were questionable. Tune in to learn how these manipulative behaviors manifest, their impact on relationships, and how addressing these behaviors can contribute to healthier and more fulfilling relationships.


Love bombing: the act of showering someone with excessive affection, attention, and gifts in order to manipulate or control them. 



Key Topics:

  •  (03:30) Love bombing vs Guilt tripping
  •  (05:15) Using manipulation as a way to gain forgiveness
  •  (07:15) Mistaking love bombing for unconditional love
  •  (09:40) Recognizing red flags in relationships
  •  (12:45) Self reflection and looking inward at yourself



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