The Back Porch Bestie Podcast

Hi, I’m Kasey and this is Kelsey, my bestie. We are licensed professional counselors, mothers, and entrepreneurs.

We know first hand what it’s like to wake up one day and think how in the heck did I wind up here?

Through our own individual journeys of self-discovery, we found that joy is something that has to be pursued through internal work.

We are on a mission to help women from all walks of life understand themselves more so they too, can experience real, lasting, joy.

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About Kasey

Former elementary school teacher and licensed professional counselor turned entrepreneurial guru, Kasey Compton has spent years starting businesses, taking them to a million, then handing off the daily operations to her well-trained and systemized teams.

Through her consulting business's services, she’s taught hundreds of business owners the secrets to systemize and scale their business in a sustainable and freeing way. Her boss babe energy combined with her down-to-earth strategies make her advice unbeatable.

Fueled by passion to help entrepreneurs find confidence, Kasey is the author of Fix This Next for Healthcare Providers, and a new book, In Search of You coming in spring of 2024, a speaker, and an entrepreneurial freedom fighter who’s been known to say “Your business could, and SHOULD run without you!”

Her clients say she’s “generous and inspirational,” “awesome,” ''empowering,” oh, and sometimes “a genius!”

About Kelsey

Kelsey has a natural talent and love for listening. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, trained in EMDR, with a passion for Internal Family Systems and attachment. Her goal is to empower her clients (and everyone she meets, whether she's known you forever or met you five minutes ago in the Wal-Mart checkout line) to live well, love well, and be wholly themselves.


Kelsey has an uncanny ability to "connect dots" in people's lives, and help them see how everything is interconnected. Her ability to help draw Kasey out of her former cactus-like shell, proved her knack for cracking the uncrackable.

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The Back Porch Bestie Podcast is designed for women who are searching for self-discovery and lasting joy. By nature of our expertise and the kind of work we're encouraging, we have a large following of mental health professionals and female entrepreneurs.

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